Bank «National Credit» opens its API for the developers in Ukraine and abroad

For the first time in its history, Bank «National Credit» opens the API for the third-party developers in Ukraine and abroad allowing them to use its capabilities to build innovative internet and mobile services, the bank representative told today.

The financial institution has already created a bunch of documents describing details of API («Application Programming Interface»), expecting that this could help developers in Ukraine and abroad to connect to banking server from external programming modules.

Bank National Credit


The API service was developed for the IT Departments willing to solve the issue of information exchange process through automation. First functions of API are already available. You can find description of the protocol for the interaction between banking server and third party systems in the dedicated section of the BNC website. On the website you can also find the examples of inquiries for obtaining client accounts, account balances, indexes of available services, checking mobile phone number, creation of the document for top-up of the mobile account, internet providers’ account, banking account, etc (over 2000 various services), for reception of payment status, for connection of client with prepared agreement, for payment of service through BNC payment card, and for confirmation of payment through BNC card.

To sign payment order and documents, a developer must use GOST cryptography (GOST 34.310), the examples can be found on bank website.

«Theoretically, we can provide developers with the full functionality available in our client-bank system: currency exchange rates, accounts management, deposits & saving accounts opening. If you need, please ask and we will add the description of methods», – IT officer of the bank confirmed.

Programming Interface will be helpful for the developers of local fintech startups, mobile applications and internet services.

Actually, only two Ukrainian banks offer APIs to external parties at the moment. The one is bank «National Credit» and the other – PrivatBank.