Delta Bank introduces limits on digital transactions and withdrawing cash abroad

Delta Bank temporarily changes the level of the standard limits for transactions made with payment cards and online banking service «myDelta» in order to guarantee proper level of safety of those operations, Delta Bank said recently to the

The following limits were introduced since October 13, 2014:

  • Cash withdrawal via ATM network, cash desks in and outside Ukraine should not exceed 5000 UAH (~ $380) per day for a single payment card.
  • Transfer of funds via online banking service «myDelta» or via online utility payments service «Delta Payments» in the national currency to the third parties’ account – 5000 UAH (~ $380) per day and 80 000 UAH (~ $6150) per month.

Delta Bank also draws attention to the necessity of complying with the recommendations on card and remote banking operations safety, because it can reduce the risks significantly. Delta Bank experts are monitoring the current situation, constantly looking for possible ways to create a safe environment for customers and opportunities to loosen the transaction limits.

Delta Bank


Recall that since September 18, 2014 Delta Bank has restricted cash withdrawal on the territory of Ukraine at the level of UAH 2500 (~ $190) per day. These changes, however, have not affected the owners of premium cards Delta Premier. In addition, each Delta Bank cardholder may, without any limitation, actively use it for non-cash payments.

Quick facts

  • Delta Bank was founded in 2006 and focused on consumer lending.
  • As of today, Delta Bank is the 4th commercial bank in Ukraine in terms of assets.
  • Delta Bank is owned by Ukrainian tycoon Nikolay Lagun.
  • In 2010 Delta Bank launched online banking service «myDelta».