First Mobile Wallet starts working in Ukraine

The Ukrainian company Mobile Wallet announces the launch of a new service for smartphone users.

For the first time in Ukraine you can make money transfers and any payment and shopping with a mobile wallet MobiPay using your smartphone. MobiPay for smartphones can be downloaded for free on the

To start using mobile wallet MobiPay just add your payment card Visa or MasterCard, all data is stored on a certified PCI DSS servers. This will allow to make secured instant money transfers P2P from card to card Visa or MasterCard of any Ukrainian bank by phone number or card number.

For online merchants MobiPay allows to accept payments through payment cards easily, while the customer does not need to register at online store (authorization technology webpassport) and enter credit card information each time. It is enough to make a couple of clicks and payment made.

For offline merchants the company offers a service of Mobile acquiring. The seller must provide customer with QR-code for payment on the cash registers monitor, POS-terminal or print it in a cheque. The customer pays for the goods by simply reading the QR-code using MobiPay and the connected payment card Visa or MasterCard.

MobiPay users get advanced features for purchases in shops, cafes, restaurants, petrol stations, internet shops, tv screen, etc. using a mobile phone.

The company Mobile Wallet invites partners for cooperation – banks, retailers, mobile and logistic operators interested in the development of infrastructure and services for smartphone users.

First Mobile Wallet starts working in Ukraine